Assessment and selection of direct entry senior talent for mid-tier professional service firm


Our client is a UK mid-tier professional service firm 

The scope of our work included designing and delivering an assessment event for direct entry partners. Our client was expanding the scope of their business activities and seeking to onboard direct entry senior talent. 

Our work

Our expert team of organisational psychologists: 

  • Designed an assessment process based on the firms established competency framework  
  • Conducted the assessments providing insights to the firm on the capabilities of each candidate and their suitability / fit for the role and the organisation
  • Conducted debrief sessions with the candidates to provide insights into their development plans to ensure a smooth transition into role


  • Robust and evidence based data on which the firm could base an informed selection decision 
  • Candidates reported feeling positive that the firm was willing to invest in getting to know them and ensuring their selection was a good fit all round