Development centres for the European territories of a global professional service firm


Our clients are two European territories of a global professional service firm.

The scope of our work includes designing and delivering development centres across a range of grades and ensuring a meaningful stretch experience for participants, aligning with other talent and development initiatives as well as providing themes to inform other activities. This programme of work is ongoing.

Our work:

Our expert team of organisational psychologists: 

  • Design and continuously evolve the overall architecture of the development centres 
  • Design individual development centre elements (and include psychometrics) as well as communications, briefing sessions and documents for different stakeholder groups (sponsors, participants, human capital team)
  • Deliver a development centre experience followed by a report and debrief with participants
  • Collate and feed back organisational themes which may inform other talent and development interventions


  • A more robust and connected approach to talent development 
  • Better prepared participants for smoother role transitions
  • Increased talent retention