Move forward with confidence

We’ll work together to make you and your business stronger for today - and for the future. At Pathlight, everybody you work with is focussed on the same goal: giving you greater confidence to navigate the complexities of corporate life whether this is at the organisational, team or individual level.

Strength is vital when it comes to people

A strong foundation in your people strategy and practices gives you the confidence that your business has the right people in the right roles at the right time and with the right development, enabling you to achieve your strategic goals. But, more than that, it’s the bedrock on which you can build a sustainable culture and mindset.

Who we are
What we do
We are a specialist Organisation and Executive Development firm. Working in a systemic way and using our deep behavioural science expertise, we help organisations and their leaders connect the dots on strategy, people and their external context. We partner with leaders, change agents, internal OD practitioners or HR departments to enable them to navigate complexity and create transformational change.

How we work

Grounded in principles and theories of organisation development we work in a systematic and dynamic way, bringing unique perspectives, a sharpness and depth of insight and the ability to adapt to our clients’ context and work with complexity and ambiguity.

Working together

Our team will get to know you and your business to create a plan to move you forwards.

Building for the future

We can help you address issues today and build foundations for the future.