Leadership alignment with senior team within consulting arm of global professional service term 


Our client is the consulting arm of a leading territory (in Europe) of a global professional service firm seeking to create alignment with a senior team of Partners.

The scope of our work included:

  • Extensive consultation to identify concerns, issues and sources of leadership misalignment 
  • Designing programme architecture for a 12-month leadership development experience
  • Taking an iterative approach to detailed design, reviewing each module to include learnings in the next one 
  • Delivering a 12-month experience with 1-2 day sessions and group and individual coaching in between modules 

Our work

  • Enhancing trust in the relationships between leaders 
  • Creating and holding a space for connection and conversation among leaders in a team setting (that otherwise did not happen) 
  • Developing leadership capability – through giving input on e.g. leadership theory, high performing teams practices, navigating organisational politics etc.
  • Supporting leaders 1:1 through executive coaching and feeding themes (anonymised) back into the programme of work 


  • Increased interpersonal trust (reported by participants) 
  • Increased Partner and staff engagement scores (as measured by engagement survey)
  • Increased alignment on business matters (e.g. client engagements, proposition development etc) as reported by participants