Government, Board Effectiveness and Culture

An organisation’s effectiveness is impacted, influenced and often determined by the structure of its governance, the efficacy of its board and the alignment of its culture to its strategy and goals. We bring together technical expertise, industry knowledge and an understanding of organisational dynamics to our work in Governance, Board Effectiveness and Culture. We work with regulators, Boards, Executive Committees, HR professionals, in a variety of contexts to assess, evaluate and enhance all aspects of Governance, Board Effectiveness and Culture. We see all three areas as inherently connected and interdependent but each can be approached individually. Whether working on a consulting assignment, a skilled person review, an independent review of governance and/or board effectiveness or a culture programme, we look at both design and operational effectiveness.


  • We evaluate the composition of Boards and their committees, the assignment of responsibilities and decision making and the accurate recording of all board matters and interactions.
  • We help Boards identify whether the design of governance is aligned with best practice and or regulatory requirements. 
  • We make recommendations for design enhancement or redesign where necessary

Board effectiveness

The operational effectiveness of governance is, in our view, synonymous with how effectively the board functions. It will significantly determine and influence organisational culture. 

  • We use our behavioural expertise to observe, evaluate and determine a Board’s effectiveness 
  • We make recommendations and work closely with Boards and their members helping them work more effectively together


Organisational culture is a broad topic and can be approached in many different ways using different lenses. Our work with Boards focuses on their responsibilities in determining, communicating, disseminating and monitoring culture. We work with the broader organisation on all aspects of culture including enablers and barriers, formal and informal aspects, behaviours (both espoused and enacted) evaluation and measurement.